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Herbs for Hiatal Hernia

7 Healing Herbs for Hiatal Hernia to Try!

There are no definitive answers to just how acid related discomfort is attribute to hiatal hernias. By definition, a hiatal hernia is a condition in which a bulged section of the stomach is pushed upward and out through an opening in the diaphragm called the hiatus.

Tea for Hiatal Hernia

Herbal Tea for Hiatal Hernia: 5 Best Recipes!

Although traditional tea for hiatal hernia relief is not recommended as both a hot beverage and those that are caffeinated may actually contribute to a worsening of symptoms, herbal teas may be the exception as their long hailed medicinal benefits can provide

Hiatal Hernia and GERD

Hiatal Hernia and GERD Comparison: Similarities and Differences!

A hiatal hernia and GERD related symptoms are very intimately linked, however there are actually similarities and differences between the two very common conditions. The differences are not related to symptoms, rather, the mechanism of action that causes the symptoms.

Hiatal Hernia Foods to Avoid

Top 10 Hiatal Hernia Foods to Avoid

A hiatal hernia is a condition in which part of the stomach becomes displaced, pushed upward through an opening in the diaphragm called the hiatus. For some people, the condition produces few if any symptoms, while others find that a hiatal hernia and GERD or the symptoms of heartburn and acid indigestion are common as stomach acid is more easily transported upwards to the esophagus.

Hiatal Hernia Symptoms

Hiatal Hernia Symptoms – Visible vs. Unnoticed!

A hiatal hernia is a rather unusual condition that is actually quite common. Sometimes referred to as “the great mimic,” a hiatal hernia can actually produce severe symptoms that can seem related to a heart attack in some people, and not a symptom at all in others.