Hiatal Hernia Relief Without Surgery: Medications vs. Natural Remedies

Hiatal Hernia Relief

When one internal part of the body pushes or squeezes itself into an area that it does not belong in, it is called a hernia. When that part is the stomach and it has bulged part of itself through the hiatus, an opening in the diaphragm, doctors call a hiatal hernia. There are different types and stages of the condition, and which type and stage is present often determines what type of treatment is necessary for hiatal hernia relief. Because of this variance, some people require no treatment at all, while others require medications or even hiatal hernia repair surgery. One way in which the type of treatment necessary is determined is to evaluate symptoms. Symptom evaluation can also help to determine if natural and home treatment can be beneficial or if medications are necessary.

For most people, hiatal hernia pain symptoms are not coming from the hernia itself, rather a result of stomach acid building up and backing up into the esophagus. This can bring about GERD symptoms, of which heartburn is included. Some of the sensations that can be present as a result of GERD include a burning or painful sensation in the chest and feelings of bloat or fullness as can be attributed to acid indigestion. Hiatal hernia relief from these types of sensations is often what medications like proton pump inhibitors or H2 receptor blockers are used for. While these medications are useful to some, not everyone requires them and some people find great success with natural remedies and lifestyle changes enabling them to find hiatal hernia relief without the use of medications.

One way in which this might be accomplished is through various types of physical activity. Exercise in general can be very beneficial. Regular physical activity can keep the body healthy and reduce symptoms, but it also provides stress relief. Stress has been shown to be a potential trigger of hiatal hernia symptoms, and exercising is a fantastic way to reduce stress and release feel good natural chemicals throughout the body. Some people find that hiatal hernia relief can come in this way through yoga, a physical and mental type of workout that activates both the mind and the body. Yoga for hiatal hernia symptom relief combines the stress relieving benefits of the activity with the physical components of a feel good workout.

Physical activity is encouraged for people with a hiatal hernia, but it may not always be enough to stave off symptoms. For this reason, dietary changes are often considered and are even implemented by people who are already taking medications. By avoiding foods that can trigger symptoms and adding in more low acid fare that is gentler on the tummy, hiatal hernia relief might be possible without medications when the foods that trigger symptoms are eliminated. A diet for hiatal hernia symptoms includes whole grains and low acid fruits and vegetables like broccoli, peas, bananas and apples as well as lean meats and fat free dairy. In addition to adding in these desirable diet items, avoiding fatty, sugary, spicy and acidic foods is also important on a diet for hiatal hernia symptoms. Staying away from citrus fruits, coffee and tea, fried foods and full fat dairy can be a first and swift step to hiatal hernia relief when dietary intake is causing symptoms.

Unfortunately, even with effective hiatal hernia natural treatment including lifestyle changes and the use of medication, there are some times that further medical care is needed to address hiatal hernia pain. This often occurs when there is a risk of strangulation, where the blood supply is completely cut off by the bulging hernia. There is no natural or medicine free way to treat this type of complication, and surgery for hiatal hernia repair is often required. It is important to understand that there is great risk to trying to obtain hiatal hernia relief without medical care if there is a risk of complications or signs or symptoms of a complication resulting from a hiatal hernia. In most cases, a quick laparoscopy procedure that puts the stomach back in place and closes the opening it bulged out of can fix this type of furthered state.

Strangulated hernias are rare, however; so the question remains, is medicine always necessary to provide hiatal hernia relief from symptoms? The answer is no, it is not. For some people, the symptoms of GERD that can coexist alongside a hiatal hernia do require the use of proton pump inhibitors or other medications that change the way the stomach produces acid. However, many people manage a hiatal hernia without the use of daily medicines by changing what they eat, exercising more, relieving their stress and even enjoying an herbal remedy on occasion. The more important part to making this determination is to make the decision on treatment with a health care provider. With the aid of diagnostic equipment, a medical professional can determine if further treatment is necessary or whether hiatal hernia relief from symptoms is attainable without it.