Acupuncture for Hiatal Hernia Review

Acupuncture for Hiatal Hernia

Interestingly enough, while acupuncture is generally regarded as an alternative type of treatment, there may be some medical evidence to support its use in some cases. One area where there is some evidence of acupuncture’s benefits is within the digestive system. The benefits are purportedly two fold in that the therapy both reduces physical pressure that can lead to digestive ails, and that it can reduce stress which can cause digestive upset. For this pair of reasons, acupuncture for hiatal hernia relief might just be effective.

Part of the problem with using acupuncture or any type of treatment for the symptoms of hiatal hernia is that unless large, strangulated or complicated, there are not supposed to be any symptoms associated with the condition. However, this fact alone does not mean that people with the condition do not experience symptoms. Most of the symptoms of hiatal hernia are attributed to problems with stomach acid, and its tendency to back up into the esophagus causing the discomfort related to GERD. Despite the prevalence of heartburn like symptoms among people with a hiatal hernia, the two conditions are not supposed to be linked, however that has not changed the fact that they regularly coexist. As a result, hiatal hernia symptoms may include a burning sensation in the upper abdomen, pain or discomfort as well as acid indigestion symptoms like feelings of bloat or fullness. How this relates to using acupuncture for hiatal hernia has a lot to do with what might cause the condition in the first place.

Just about anything can be responsible for causing a hiatal hernia. There are some hereditary effects that might lend to its cause. And, sudden pressures from everything from a severe bowel movement to a bending injury might also create it. A hiatal hernia is a condition in which a bulge of the stomach pushes itself up through an opening in the diaphragm known as the hiatus. Oftentimes, pressure is what can cause this phenomenon. Unfortunately, pressure may also lead to heartburn like symptoms. When food digests slowly, more acid has time to build up in the stomach and as its volume increases; it heads upwards to the esophagus. Relieving this pressure and regulating digestion is one way in which acupuncture for hiatal hernia symptom relief might be beneficial.

Acupuncture is not the only natural type of hiatal hernia remedies. There are many herbs that are also associated with relieving the discomfort associated with the digestive disorder. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of these are thought to work because they also promote healthy digestion, and therefore a reduction in the amount of time that stomach acid has to build up and subsequently, a reduction in pressure. While taking a different approach, these remedies appear to target the same problems as acupuncture for hiatal hernia symptom relief does. But, herbs aside, other remedies include lifestyle changes like changing sleeping positions and dietary changes that include eliminating trigger foods. Many people find that an approach that includes a combination approach of herbs for hiatal hernia along with dietary changes and treatments like acupuncture to be more wholly effective for symptom relief.

There is another natural pain reliever that is also thought to help combat symptoms, and it too might work similarly to acupuncture for hiatal hernia. One thing that the ancient Chinese therapy is readily used for is stress relief, and that same stress relief can also come from exercise. Not only does physical activity cause the body to release pain relieving and feel good chemicals, it is also a powerful stress reliever. While acupuncture for hiatal hernia might not be able to promote the same health physical activity, it can very well help reduce stress, a known risk factor for triggering stomach acid related symptoms. Therefore stress relieving activities like acupuncture, yoga and hiatal hernia exercise, might be beneficial in multiple ways.

Medications like proton pump inhibitors and H2 receptor blockers are often the standard treatment for hiatal hernia if GERD symptoms are present. These medications are often used to reduce the amount of stomach acid that is being produced which can make it less likely to head northward and cause painful symptoms. However, some people do not like to take medications daily or do not want the side effects that they may cause such as headaches and upset stomach. This leaves many looking for hiatal hernia natural treatment options. Everything from essential oils to herbs to hokey home remedies have been used to combat the acid symptoms thought to be linked to the condition. But acupuncture for hiatal hernia might be better than most, because it can be beneficial in numerous ways by both easing digestion and speeding its course as well as promoting safe and healthy stress relief.

No alternative therapy should be started without talking to a health care professional. And, it is important to point out that frequent sufferers of stomach acid related ailments should thoroughly evaluate their diets and eliminate spicy, fatty, sugary, caffeinated and carbonated foods for best results. Because there are serious complications associated with a hiatal hernia like strangulation of the stomach, it is very important that severe pain and unusual symptoms be treated as an emergency. In most cases however, a hiatal hernia produces few if any symptoms. When it does, they are often a result of stomach acid wreaking havoc on the delicate esophagus. Acupuncture for hiatal hernia symptom relief might not be a cure all, but it targets two very important potential underlying causes, and may be effective for some individuals.